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Our Partner:
Delphy (Team Cannabis)
Research and Consultancy

Delphy stands for Worldwide Expertise for Food & Flowers. Delphy is the number one company when it comes to knowledge and expertise business in the plant sectors, worldwide.

Ever since the authorization of Cannabis in Canada and parts of the United States in 2018, Delphy has been involved in Cannabis cultivation. Universities in Canada and the United States were the first to reach out to Delphy because they needed knowledge and practical information for this relatively new crop.

To respond to this still increasing demand, Delphy has set up a Cannabis team. Delphy “Team Cannabis” consists of twelve people, who all have their own specialism regarding Cannabis cultivation. Delphy Team Cannabis comprises of specialists for propagation, crop protection, climate control, fertilization, business plans and technical specialists.

Disciplines: Research at our own indoor facility, turn-key projects, training, education and advice on cultivation strategy.

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Our Partner: PCS

PCS, founded in 1990, is the oldest pharmaceutical audit, consultancy and training institute in the Netherlands. By combining the principles of excellent quality, functional processes and effective working cultures we ensure GMP-GDP regulatory compliance and the production of cost-effective and safe medicines worldwide.

PCS has two sister companies in India and Pakistan. On the Iranian market, PCS cooperates with an exclusive partner. It is our goal to instill the modern GMP principles in these markets through training and interim management.

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Our Partner:

Legal Cannabis Coalition 

The Legal Cannabis Coalition (LCC) is a unique collaboration between companies from the fields of plant cultivation, lab research and regulatory affairs. All members of the LCC are located in the Netherlands. Each of the members is an expert in his own market, ranging from building greenhouses and installing cannabis drying systems, to lab testing and registration of a new medicine. The members of the LCC gained their expertise in the general markets of plant cultivation and medicine, but in recent years they have increasingly become involved with the world of legal cannabis. Combining these strengths and experiences, the LCC offers a reliable and experienced one-stop shop for all your medicinal cannabis questions.

Why The Netherlands? 

  • One of the first national medicinal cannabis programs in the world, since 2001.
  • Many research opportunities under cannabis licenses for scientific purpose.
  • A hotspot of horticultural companies with a known reputation for quality products.
  • Source of many famous cannabis genetics used worldwide today.
  • Major innovator in the recreational cannabis space, thanks to the Dutch coffeeshop system.
  • Famous for its agricultural innovations and second largest exporter of fruits and vegetables in the world.
  • A strong culture of companies working together to solve larger problems.
  • A country where IP is strongly respected. Your knowledge is yours; we just help.

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Scientific Research
The Wageningen University and Research (WUR) is a research center for greenhouse horticulture. The WUR is a collaboration between ‘Wageningen University’ and ‘Foundation Wageningen Research’.

That is the mission of the WUR. With over 6.500 employees and 12.500 students from over 100 countries contributing to this mission, not only do we serve Wageningen; our outreach spans the entire world. The WUR does research for themselves, governments and businesses in the domain of health foods and living environment.

The Wageningen Approach
The power of the WUR is the integration of knowledge from specialized research institutes and the university. This interwoven collaboration between different scientific disciplines makes scientific breakthroughs transfer quickly to reality and education. This is what is called ‘The Wageningen Approach’. Collaborations with different parties like governments, businesses and NGOs are indispensable with this approach.


When wanted to investigate their cannabis drying systems, the WUR was the go-to partner. Multiple trials have been conducted at the WUR and more trials will follow in the future. The main goal of these trials was to compare’s Top-Down drying method with traditional cannabis drying methods.