Components of a cannabis sandwich unit

The components of a Cannabis Sandwich unit are: (A) Canna-trays®  (B) a Ventilation-pallet, and (C) two HEPA H13 filters. A Cannabis sandwich unit is perfect for porofessional cannabis growers growing high volumes of cannabis (20-85kg (44-187 lbs) per drying cycle.


Directly after harvesting the cannabis buds will be put in Canna-trays® (A). Before the any tray with cannabis is put on the Ventilation-pallet (B) four HEPA h13 filters (C) need to put on the bottom. Then eight piles of cannabis trays are are stacked on the four Hepa H13 filters (so two piles per filter). The unit combined is called a ‘Sandwich-unit’ (D). After the canna-trays are placed on the ventilation-pallet, all internal transport happens with a forklift truck.

canna trays Cannabis Drying


ventilation pallet Cannabis Drying


HEPA filter 1 Cannabis Drying


sandwich unit Cannabis Drying



After harvesting the buds are placed in Canna-trays, the buds will stay in the Canna-trays during the drying and curing process.

Canna-trays are made of ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) Food Safe Thermoplastic, this is perfect material for your consumable products. ABS thermoplastic is resistant against chemicals like thinned acid, alkaline, oils, fat and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

The Canna-trays are divided into six smaller compartments, this makes sure the cannabis will not slide around and no empty spots will emerge. On the bottom of the Canna-trays you find little holes, these holes make it possible for air to be sucked through.

Recycle Cannabis Drying

The Canna-trays are made of 100% recyclable material.

simple clicking system Cannabis Drying

The Canna-trays are easily stacked on each other with a simple clicking system

canna tray size Cannabis Drying

Size of the Canna-trays: 600x400x60 mm (23.5×15.5×2.4″)

canna tray service temperature Cannabis Drying

Maximum service temperature: 77°C (171°F).


At the top and bottom of the Sandwich-unit you will find High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. The function of the filters is to filter out fungi and bacteria, this makes sure your cannabis will always pass the microbial test standards.

The HEPA-filters on top of the Sandwich-unit make sure that all air that enters the cannabis is free from fungi and bacteria. On top of the HEPA-filter you will find a filter pad for protection.

The HEPA-filters on the bottom of the Sandwich-unit catch all the bacteria and fungi that are extracted from the cannabis. On top of this filter lays another filter pad that collects all the kief that is coming free from the cannabis. The filters pads are easily removable, so the kief can be taken elsewhere.

The frame of the filter is made of aluminum while the filter itself is made of high efficiency micro glass fiber paper. HEPA-filters have the lowest possible air resistance, which helps to lower the energy costs


HEPA-filters are used in multiple cleancell applications like, operating theaters, the pharmaceutical industry and micro-electronics.

HEPA filter 1 Cannabis Drying


ventilation pallet 1 Cannabis Drying


3 sandwich units Cannabis Drying

Sandwich-unit with filters on top

HEPA-filters guarantee constant performances and make sure that the cannabis stays in a clean cell environment during all stages of the process.


The Ventilation-pallet is made of stainless steel and is assembled in such a way that the whole pallet is easily cleaned.

The front of the pallet has 2 entries, so it can be easily transported by a forklift, no extra actions are required.

The Ventilation-pallets contain 64 to 144 Canna-trays.

Size Ventilation-pallet (without Canna-trays): 1600x 1220x 240 mm (65 x 48 x 9.5 ″) . Weight: 110 kg (240 lbs.)



ventilation pallet Cannabis Drying

Ventilation-pallet without filters

ventilation pallet 1 Cannabis Drying

Ventilation-pallet with filters installed

ventilation pallet with canna tray Cannabis Drying

This is how the canna-trays are stacked on the ventilation-pallet

The Ventilation-pallet is perfect for efficient internal transport. Once the Ventilation-pallets are stacked with canna-trays, all internaltransport can be done by a forklift