Hang Drying Cart - Cannabis Drying

HANG Drying Cart

A hang drying cart is used to dry large volumes of cannabis plants or stems in an existing or new drying room.


The difference between existing drying carts is that the air is sucked top-down through the plants or stems, in a controlled manner.


The racks in the hang drying carts are adjustable. So, the cart can be used for whole plants or smaller branches.


For recreational cannabis.

Hang Drying Cart filled with stems

Overview of a drying room filled with hang drying carts

Empty cannabis drying cart

How is the Drying Cart filled?

  • 3 filters are placed at the bottom of the drying cart.
  • 6 piles of Canna-trays are placed on the filters in the cart.
  • 3 filters are placed on the piles of Canna-trays.

Two sandwich units in a drying cart

Transparent view of one half of the Hang Drying Cart

Components of a full Hang Drying Cart

A: 3 adjustable racks with 14 hang sites each

B: 6 HEPA-filters

C: 6 filter pads

D: 3 ventilators

E: Closeable slide

F: Closeable valve

G: 4 swivel wheels with brakes

H: ABC software on a tablet



Size of the Hang Drying Cart: L 1914x W 800x H 1845mm (L 75,4 x W 31,5 x H 72,6 “)

Transparent view of a drying room filled with hang drying carts

Hang Drying Cart – Details of how it works:

  • The 4 ventilators (D) suck the process air (1) through a row of drying carts.
  • The process air (1) goes through the filters (B&C) and the Cannabis (A) where it dries the cannabis by adsorbing moisture.
  • A part of the wet process air (2) goes through the tubes (E), towards the drying unit (F).
  • In the drying unit (F) water is adsorbed from the air and the temperature of the air rises.
  • This warm and dried air (3) mixes with the circulating process air (4).
  • The mixed air is at the desired temperature and humidity again and enters the drying carts (1).

ABC-processor for the hang drying carts:

  • The amount of airflow can be controlled for each drying cart individually; more moisture means more airflow.
  • Two sensors to measure temperature and relative humidity. The first sensor measures the ingoing air from the room, the second sensor measures the outgoing air.


Note: Drying carts can be used in existing and new drying rooms. The ABC-processor can be implemented in an existing drying room.

An ABC controller page of a hang drying cart