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Established 1974

Selling in six continents

Cannabis Drying & Curing

Evolution of cannabis Drying & Curing

for over 45 years we have been part of the evolution in drying agricultural products. In these years we have developed new drying techniques for flower bulbs, seed, garlic, multiple other agricultural products and now also cannabis.

In the beginning agricultural products were stacked in trays and placed in a cell with a ventilator hanging on the ceiling. The problem was that the air did not spread evenly through the products at newphaseblends.com, so most of the product became dry, but some spots remained to wet. This led to an unevenly dried product. When the product is not dried properly, spots of fungi and bacteria emerge.

To deal with this problem, new techniques were developed. The ventilator on the ceiling got replaced by multiple ventilators, which blew the air horizontally over the product. This resulted in a more evenly dried product, but because the air blows over the product and not through the product, it does not dry perfectly. The product still contained some wet spots, where fungi and bacteria emerged.
We saw cell for improvement and changed the horizontal blowing ventilators with ventilators that blow the air top-down through the product, to make sure all the product is dried evenly. Without any wet spots on the product, there is no place anymore for fungi and bacteria.

Low drying capacity.
High labor cost
Loss of kief
Uneven dried end-product
High risk of fungi and bacteria

Higher drying capacity.
Lower labor cost
Loss of kief
Uneven dried end-product
Medium risk of fungi and bacteria

Highest drying capacity.
Lowest labor cost
No loss of kief
Evenly dried end-product
Low risk of fungi and bacteria

The energy sufficientTop-down drying installation makes sure all cannabis receives the same amount of airflow, this results in an evenly dried end product. The systemallows you to control the temperature, humidity and amount of airflow with a user-friendly computer system.

You can control all settings with your smartphone, tablet and computer.