Products - Cannabis Drying


A Drying Cabinet is used to dry low volumes of cannabis buds of around 7 kg / 15 lbs. a week.

  • Temperature and humidity is controlled with the ABC-processor.
  • The amount of airflow can be easily set.

It is possible to control the drying cabinet with a control panel on the drying cabinet or with the ABC software on your phone, tablet or computer. 

The drying cabinet offers space to 1 sandwich unit.

Drying Cabinet


A Drying Cart is used to dry large volumes of cannabis buds in an existing or new drying room.

The main difference with drying carts currently used by cannabis growers is that the process air is sucked top-down through the product by a ventilator. In the traditional method air is blown over the product. Our Top-down drying method results in an evenly dried end-product. 

For medical and recreational cannabis.

Drying Cart


The Drying Room is made for easy handling of large quantities of cannabis.

Properties of the Drying Cell:

  • Central in the Drying Cell operation is a forklift carrying a pallet-sandwich
  • Capable of drying 20-85kg (44-187 lbs) per drying cycle, depending on the chosen configuration.
  • Easily scalable.
  • Easily cleaned.

Drying Cell


A hang drying cart is used to dry large volumes of cannabis plants or stems in an existing or new drying room.


The difference between existing drying carts is that the air is sucked top-down through the plants or stems, in a controlled manner.

Hand Drying Cart


After each drying cycle the Canna-trays have to be properly cleaned. To erase 100% of the resin on the trays, we offer a tray washer.

Tray Washer