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Welcome to our innovative Top-Down Cannabis Drying system.

The basics of our drying systems are ABS thermoplastic Canna-trays for the cannabis, 2 types of filters and our ABC HVAC controller.

The Canna-trays are manually stacked on top of each other. Underneath and above the Canna-tray layers are 2 types of filters. These layers combined make a “sandwich unit” through which process air flows (see image on the right).

The ABC HVAC controls the humidity, temperature and flow of process air going ‘top-down’ through the sandwich unit; With this method every single bud gets a – constant – controlled – top-down – evenly spread – flow of process air.

Unique in the world!! 

Cannabis-Drying.com has solutions for drying large and for small quantities of cannabis. Our systems are sold both on the recreational market and the medicinal market. Our main products are: a Drying Cart, a Drying Cabinet and a Drying Cell




As a producer of the finest cannabis, you are constantly striving for the best quality cannabis, grown and processed at the lowest cost with an easy-to-manage process. Without a doubt, a smooth continuity of your process is high on your priority list. Deploying a quality system of Cannabis-Drying.com helps you to achieve this.

As of 1974 we have developed and implemented new, groundbreaking techniques for the drying and storing of flower bulbs, seed, garlic and other agricultural products. By doing this, thousands of farmers saved a considerable amount of ……. read more

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Top-Down Drying with a sandwich of trays and filters