The system

With global, 45 years of professional drying experience for a variety of Agricultural products by the parent company, offers an unique, innovative, but proven drying method for the Cannabis Industry.

The idea is:
100% controlled  (processor) – 100% Clean Air – Top Down Drying – for every single cannabis bud – immediately after it is placed in one of our products (rack, cabinnet or cell).
This stops any bacteria, Mold, Mildew, Viruses, Pests, Pollen etc etc, from affecting the precious harvest immediately. Thus resulting in a far better end product compared to products used in traditional drying systems. 


The core components of our Cannabis Drying method are (a.) ABS thermoplastic Cannabis Trays, (b.) special filters [above and below the trays] and (c.) the ABC HVAC software controller.

We apply this in our products: Cannabis Drying Rack, Cannabis Drying Cabinet and Cannabis Drying Cell. Beside these innovative tray based systems, we offer the equally innovative top down Cannabis Hang Drying Rack. Check out this comparison page on which we compare the widely used drying methods used nowadays. has solutions for drying large and for small quantities of cannabis. Our systems are sold both on the recreational market and the medicinal market. 






As a producer of the finest cannabis, you are constantly striving for the best quality cannabis, grown and processed at the lowest cost with an easy-to-manage process. Without a doubt, a smooth continuity of your process is high on your priority list. Deploying a quality system of helps you to achieve this.

As of 1974 we have developed and implemented globally new, groundbreaking techniques for the drying and storing of flower bulbs, seed, garlic and other agricultural products. By doing this, thousands of farmers saved a considerable amount of ……. read more

High Tech Agricultural Innovations from The Netherlands

cannabis sandwich unit

Top-Down Drying with a sandwich of Cannabis-Trays (Canna-Trays) and filters

Hang Sandwich

Top-Down  Hang Drying between two HEPA filters