How Does it work?

After harvesting or cutting the cannabis buds are put in trays (canna-trays) by an operator. He/she puts every full canna-tray in a “Sandwich Unit“.

What is a Sandwich Unit? 

A Sandwich Unit is a set of filters and canna-trays placed on each other in a certain way:

a. The bottom is a set of a HEPA H13 Filter Frame and a Filter Pad 

b. In between layers of trays. Full Cannabis Trays are placed 1by1 on the filter set, thus making two piles tightly next to each other. The maximum of tray layers is 18 (36 trays).

c. On top another set of filters is placed.

A sandwich unit is build on/in a drying system:

When a drying system is ready the operator activates the drying process (ABC processor) on any kind of device, like a tablet / a monitor in the drying room itself, or computer in the office. The whole drying process can be controlled from anywhere on the world in a safe VPN connection. 

With this cannabis drying method every single bud gets a – constant – controlled – top-down – evenly spread – 100% clean flow of process air – immediately after the bud is put in the cannabis tray and the tray is placed on the sandwich unit.





A Canna-Tray is where the cannabis is placed after harvest. Each Canna-Tray is divided into six low compartments preventing the cannabis from moving around and to make sure all the cannabis is evenly dried.

Cannabis Drying Process Work

A Canna-Tray is made of an anti-static ABS  thermoplastic compound.

Anti-static prevents the plant material from sticking to the tray.

Each Canna-Tray has 1944 round holes of 6 mm (0.24-inch diameter) in the bottom. The holes ensure a continuous and equal top-down flow of controlled and cleaned process air throughout the duration of the drying (& curing) process.



With the TOP-DOWN SANDWICH DRYING METHOD, every single bud gets a constant – controlled – top-down – flow of process air. The process air is evenly spread between all buds. This is done with Canna-Trays and filters. These are stacked on top of each other as a sandwich.
The filters make sure that the cannabis remains in a clean environment.



To get the best clean air conditions — eliminating all risks: viruses, pests etc.  uses two types of filters: a HEPA (nano) filter and a filter pad.

The High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is made of micro-glass fiber sheet, meeting the highest European and U.S. standards. HEPA filters are used for specific clean cells in hospitals, pharmaceutical, nuclear and micro-electronics industry.





A pallet-sandwich is built on the Ventilation Pallet. The Ventilation Pallet ensures easy, safe & efficient transport with a forklift.  

Properties of the Ventilation Pallet:

  • Made of Stainless steel.
  • Front has 2 openings for easy & efficient transport by a forklift.
  • The back has big openings for process air to leave the pallet sandwich.



Pallet and frame for drying cell


For you, being the manager, on this page the magic actually begins and ends. We are proud of our ‘ABC’ HVAC -system. Our HVAC controller is made and maintained in-house. It holds over 35 years of stable and proven innovations. The system consists of a processor, a software program and sensors. It is implemented on thousands of control systems – in various agricultural sectors worldwide -, in all 6 continents – over 50 countries. With our world-renowned technology, we can guarantee that you can set optimal drying conditions for your own cannabis business process and gain substantial benefits. 

How is the ABC -HVAC Controller used?

Our ABC processor and software enable easy management of the drying and curing process every step of the way.




Managing your – ABC – HVAC Controller