Pallet Sandwich for drying cell

A pallet sandwich is built on the Ventilation Pallet. The Ventilation Pallet ensures easy, safe & efficient transport with a forklift.  

Properties of the Ventilation Pallet:

  • Made of Stainless steel.
  • Front side has 2 openings for easy & efficient transport by a forklift.
  • The back side has big openings for process air to leave the pallet sandwich.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Size: 1600x 1220x 240 mm (65 x 48 x 9.5″)
  • Net weight: 110 kg (243 lbs.)


Cannabis drying Pallet

Ventilation pallet

Pallet sandwich

Top-down Drying with a sandwich pallet

airflow pallet sandwich

In a pallet sandwich, the filtered air goes top-down through the cannabis in a dark and clean environment.

Drying in this manner preserves the aromas, terpenes and cannabinoids.

Read our report; a comparative study between the traditional Hang Drying method and ‘Top Down’ drying method executed in Arizona (US).