Cannabis Drying Cabinet

image001 1 Cannabis Drying

Single Drying Cabinet

for 7kg of cannabis

A Drying Cabinet is used to dry small volumes of cannabis buds of around 7 kg / 15 lbs. of dried cannabis per drying cycle. Drying cabinets with a double capacity are available.

  • Temperature and humidity are controlled with the ABC-processor.
  • The amount of airflow can be easily set.

It is possible to control the drying cabinets with a control panel on the drying cabinets or with the ABC software on your phone, tablet or computer.

The drying cabinets offers space for 1 or 2 sandwich units.

For medical and recreational cannabis.

The drying cabinet can be used for curing as well.

Cannabis Double Drying Cabinet 13 Cannabis Drying

Double Drying Cabinet

for 14 kg of cannabis

Components of a full drying cabinet:

 Single Drying Cabinet (7kg)Double Drying Cabinet (14kg)
A.36 Canna-Trays72 Canna-Trays
B.2 HEPA-Filters4 HEPA-filters
C.2 filter pads4 filter pads
D1.First VentilatorFirst Ventilator
D2Second VentilatorSecond Ventilator
E.Adsorption DryerAdsorption Dryer
F.Cooling UnitCooling Unit
G. Airtight doorAirtight door
H.Isolation panelsIsolation panels
I.ABC-software on a tabletABC-software on a tablet
Size of the drying Cabinet985x905x1950mm (L39xW36xH77”)1970x905x1950mm (L78xW36xH77”)
image005 Cannabis Drying

How is the drying cabinet used?

  • The operator opens the door.
  • Piles of Canna-Trays are placed on the HEPA filters & filter pads. (2 for single and 4 piles for the double cabinet).
  • On top of the piles the HEPA-filters are placed.
  • The operator closes the door.
  • The operator activates and manages the drying process on the software of the remote device and / or on the touch panel.

Drying cabinet – Details of how it works:

  • The first ventilator (D1) sucks the process air (1) through the set of Canna-Trays (A) and filters (B&C).
  • The air (2) dries the cannabis by adsorbing moisture from the cannabis.
  • A part of this air (3) will circulate and enter.
  • the Canna-Trays (A) again.
  • Another part of the air (4) goes through the adsorption dryer (E) where the air heats up and water gets adsorbed from the air.
  • The air from the adsorption dryer (5) mixes with the circulating process air (3).
  • A part of this blended air (6) gets sucked through the cooling unit (F) by the second ventilator(D2) where the air is brought to the desired temperature again.
  • The dried air (6) mixes with the circulating process air (3) and goes through the cannabis again. `
Cannabis Drying Cabinet transparent with letters and air flow Cannabis Drying